Thursday, August 17, 2017

John alice and eventually Frankie pretend play transcript

the big kids really love the caterpillar transcript I took when we lived in Georgia. so I am motivated to share a transcript of John and Alice and eventually Frankie on the back deck on a summer day.

 Alice is curled up and sitting on the deck wearing a purple leotard and tutu. She presses her eyes into her bent knees. “When I see blackness I see purple that goes around and around and around. I can see inside my skin when I do that”  john is sitting next to her and assumes the same position and tries it out.

“Thats not inside your skin. It’s this skin.” They then spin off into pretend world.
 “Hey wheres’t that purple tree go?” Asks Alice.
 “And then you saw a apple tree growd at your house.”
 “Whelp- it has hands and feet and a head.”
 “And I was actually a bird turned girl turned butterfly And your mom said ‘we’re going on a treasure hunt’ and I was in a crystal.”
 “And I was like ‘mom I found a treasure!”
 “And she said ‘good and put it in a basket”
 “And the treasure cracked.”
 “And it cracked and a baby butterfly came out and you didn’t catch it.”
 “Buh buh”
 And you had a long net and you could catch the butterfly And I catched it And it got out
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us!
 And your mom came and your mom and you were looking out your window and you were goin to catch going on a treasure hunt And I kicked the door and the door opened. 
And you found a crystal *Right* by the door. and you said
“mama!  I found a crystal!”
 And she said “beautiful” 
And she put it in a box.
 And she was drinking water and eating her food. 
And there was an egg on her back and I cracked it
 And a baby butterfly came out.
 ((Eating mango that Frankie cut)) Mmmm.
 Mmmmm? Mmmmm.
 And I was just a butterfly and we were both at petco and I couldn’t save you because I was a butterfly and butterflies can just fly.
 And you were in a cage.
 And Frankie you were at petsmart and somebody just Buy’d me because I was a pet.
 And I was a pet
 And someone buy’d you
 And then they died
 And you were at petco and Frankie buy’d John at petsmart.
 And I was only for #20.
 And I was only for $70 I bought John(frankie)
 A- and nobody buy’d me.
 J- and I only knew how to say “seep- sop”
And I also knew how to say stop I mean goggle.
 F- I knew how to say bon jour and gaga.
 A- I knew how to say mango
 J- remember that story you told me- I’m the lizard and you are the baby.
 A- and I could say bon jour bon jour bon jour.
 F- BON JOUR BON JOUR BON JOUR GAGA? And then John, you went to another universe and another house and another world.

summer in western Washington

it's just breath takingly beautiful. so beautiful I haven't blogged for awhile. we had a fabulous and fast swim season. we are wrapping up water polo season this week. and everyone is happy, healthy, and content. I truly feel like this summer really cemented us here. we are Pacific Northwesterners now. I even feel a little bit of longing for the rain. we had 53 days of no rain this summer and the sun is wearing me out. I long for boots, knits, leggings, hats, rain jackets, gloves. I'm trying to strengthen my foot so I can go for hikes this winter because that is what I love the most about winter here. the woods. all the green to be found there. the dripping ferns and the sheltering evergreens. and coming home to a warm bath and a cozy bed. socks. and hot tea. getting up early on school mornings. pilates and devotions before the sun comes up. it doesn't actually "come up". the sky just gets lighter. and stays a kind of glowing white all day. never letting you know just where you are in the course of the day. well, occasionally there is a window if you are lucky. I will miss biking. and leaving the pool in a comfortable cool feel. in the winter I leave the pool shivering. I'll miss swim team and water polo. but the girls are trying CYO soccer this fall- so excited for that. I will miss seeing my swim mom friends. Henry begins senior year this year. he's looking at some schools in cali. we'll see. sam is also looking at a school in cali. it'll be interesting to see what they decide.
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