Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tiger in a Tropical Storm, or Surprise! - art study

Tiger in a Tropical Storm 
Henri Rousseau

F- It’s a forest
MJ- there’s a tiger lying on the ground.
G- It’s a jungle
J- The tiger has sharp teeth
F- The tiger is in very tall grass and you are seeing it from it’s side.
MJ- it’s a storm in the jungle
G- There’s lightning in the background.
J- There are vines in the forest
F- There is a fern on the lower right.  Very green.  Darker
MJ- almost everything is green in the picture except the tiger
G- the tiger looks frightened and is baring his teeth
F- There is red flowers on the upper right.
MJ- the tiger has yellow eyes.
G- There is a tree that branches off from the bottom right and goes up and across to the left.
F- the lightning if you are looking at it without the forest in the way it would look like two lightnings going down and making a “V”.
MJ- the tiger looks like it’s backing away from something
G- it looks like it’s crouching in the grass- butt higher than head.
MJ- the tiger is looking to the right.  Butt on left and head on right.
A- his mouth is open and he has a small head
F- in the afternoon because the sky was darkening.

F- you couldn’t see the tigers legs because he was in the grass.

Washington Crossing the Delaware- art study

Washington Crossing the Delaware
By Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze

There were 12 people in the boat

Mary Jane
George Washington was on the boat leading them

There were other boats in the water

George- there is a rowboat going to the left of the viewer
MJ- they were going across an icy river
F- five people in the boat were rowing
George- the water was full of bits of ice and behind them were guys with horses pushing a raft.
MJ- on the other side of the river(the side the boat is going to) there was a field with trees.
F- the sky was cloudy with the sun
G- there was a guy in front of the rowboat he was pushing the ice with a stick
MJ- George Washington had a sword in his belt.
F- one of the guys on the boat was holding an American flag.
G- it was really windy- everyone was holding on to their hats and the flag was blowing crazily.
MJ- the sky was pink gray white and orange. daytime.  sunrise.
F- almost all of the people on the boat had hats.
G- There were two mounted horses on the rowboat behind them
MJ- George Washington was wearing Red White and Blue.
G- and standing up
MJ- yeah
F- It looked like they were going to a war.
G- George Washington was standing up with one knee up.
The person behind him with the flag was standing up as well but everyone else was sitting in the boat.
MJ- there was a person at the front of the boat putting his feet in the water.
F- they were all guys and one of the guys was squatting.

G- there were a bunch of boats in the background- going off into the distance.  A lot a lot a lot.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

alice's stories

I have a story.  Let’s go back to your room.

Can I write it down?

Yes.  It’s going to be a crazy one.  I have a beard.  It’s a beard of cotton candy.  What are you doing?

Writing down your story.  You want to start? 



I can start right now?

Uh huh.

Ok so I was just going on a walk with you and John and suddenly a frog jumped over a building and robots came after the frog and the frog was jumping away from them but suddenly the frog got catched and the robots put them in jail and they go to their coffee shop and I was just seeing them get their coffee and I was like “mom why are they going to get coffee?”  And you said “I don’t know.”  And they just died and that is over.  Did you like my story?


Well, I’ll tell you why they just died.  

Why did they just die?

Because a policeman killed them.  Because the policeman thought they were robbers so he just killed them and then sent them to jail.  Mommy, do you want another story?  


Ok, can I tell it now?

Uh huh.

So when I was just walking down the road and I was by myself because you said I could a policeman thought that a bear that I saw was going to kill me but it was actually my teddy bear.  And he felt it and found out it was just my teddy bear.  Then I went back home and I was looking out the window and one policeman said he called a guy by his name and said “I want cotton candy.”  And the man said “why do policemans like cotton candy?”  Did you like it?   


I have a really good story.  Can I start it now?


Ok one guy when he was just liked to jump on his trampoline all the people in the world teached him how to do that.  He didn’t know what to do but then he said “oh yes!  Jumping!’  But one person didn’t like jumping so she said “mommy can we play piano?”  And she said “yeah”. But the guy who likes jumping got sick and then he went off to the city to get some help but no one ever asked him so he asked his mom and she said yes.  But he still didn’t feel better but then he found some nice potion and he drank it and he feeled better.
Do you want another story?  This is the last story.  Can I tell it now? 

Hold on.

Can I tell it now?


One dark scary night there was a seashell and my shoes came and my shoelaces were just dancing and I checked in my shoe for my phone but it wasn’t there but I realized it was just my tiny guitar and I checked but it wasn’t.  It was nothing.  
A storm came up and it was raining and one guy was like “you better get this storm to stop” he put his umbrella up and he ran back to his house.  And my dad came up and he said “why don’t you get to bed.”  and I goed to bed.  And my phone disappeared with my tiny guitar in it and I couldn’t find my shoes and I said “mom I can’t find my shoes”. And she asked me if I wanted to go to my grandma’s house.  And she was like “uh, yeah”. And I was like “yeah”. And I went to my grandmas house and one day my shoes came up and put a knife in my horsey and my horsey was dead.
That was my last story.
The end.
Wait, I have lots of stories.  
One dark scary night my seashell had water in it but no-one could hear the water in it so they put more water in it so they went to put more water in it from the sea but sharks ate their hands off so they couldn’t do anything.   So they went back to their house and they got new hands.  And they did backflips.  
I’m telling another story.

I think that’s too many my hands are tired of typing so long.

One more.


One night a mom found a glass and she put it on paper but the glass splattered everywhere and she passed it to Earth (the planet) and Earth splattered everywhere and it was raining hearts and Peaches just came down and they splattered because of a piece of glass and one kangaroo goed into the dumpster and found something shiny and he showed it to his kids and they said “oh, let’s use it for breakfast” and they just ate it.  And they splattered.

What does splattered mean?

I don’t know.  You don’t have to know.  You just have to write it.
One day the kangaroo just came up and ate the apple.  And it goed to bed and one night my shoelaces came off my shoe and started dancing toward the police station.  They were like “oh, they are dancing around to every place”. The string came and grew taller and taller than them.  The shoelaces started running from it and the string started running after it.  Then they got back to their homes and they started having plans and they dived off into the ocean.  They splattered everywhere.  

My hands are so tired!

The end.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Portugal trip :day 2- Paris/Lisbon

We landed in Paris and decided that we had a long enough layover to catch mass at Notre Dame. We took the rail to the island on the Seine that has been home to this little church for quite a few years. Navigating the metro and the airport was a feat. Thankfully Chris excels at that and I was free to hold his hand and people watch as we walked or ran(when we got back from mass and needed to make our flight).
We got into mass a bit late because there was a long line to get in. Once we got near the entrance we saw a sign for a much shorter line- actually so short there was no one in it. It was the mass line. So we cut out of the tourist line and into the line/door for the mass.
Mass was in French and Latin. I could keep up between the two.
So after mass we headed in a quick walking manner back to the subway and to the airport. We got back in the nick of time with just a bit of time to pick up some food for the flight. I got a salad(all produce is organic in France) and it was yum.
We made it to Lisbon and had a long wait for our bags. While waiting I received my first Portuguese language lesson. Sagres. For Beer. Pronounced Sah-grsh.
We stowed our bags in the back of our little stick shift rental- a cream clubman Mini Cooper.
Our hotel was swanky and entirely free- thanks Marriott frequent stay points! Fontecruz Lisbon is affiliated with Marriott. It had cinnamon orange water at the front desk and a few steps further into the lobby is a 2 story wall with projected films on it. Random film. Sometimes weird film. Very chic. Very random and weird. The hotel is on Avenida de Liberdade- an upper crust commerce and fashion street. Chris and I fit in extremely well.
Naps- immediately in the room. I rolled out my yoga mat and stretched out first so maybe "naps immediately" isn't exactly accurate.
After naps we changed and went to dinner. We chose a Brazilian steak house off Avenida de Liberdade.
We walked further and had drinks in a little plaza- more like a part of a sidestreet that widened out a bit. We returned to the hotel for bedtime which wasn't at all adversely effected by our giant late afternoon nap.

Portugal trip day 1- travel

We übered to the airport and got comfy in our first class seats! We got upgraded thanks to Chris's frequent travel. We flew the red eye from Seattle on Saturday and landed in Paris on Sunday.
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